Wildlife Wednesday: Gosling trot

We introduced our Wildlife Wednesday weekly series last week. And to our delight, you shared a nice batch of photography of wild animals:

Gosling, trying to catch up with Mom & Dad
Lagarto Terrestre
July 10th | Landleben
Nina WössJuly 10th | Landleben
"And people say we monkey around..."
Jared Peters"And people say we monkey around…"
Pill millipede, Danum Valley, Borneo

Baby Fox

Lion Love
This bleating moment
Painted Lady
happy mother’s day
Elephant Eye
In a sea of green

To join this series, tweet @flickr with your favorite wildlife photos, and include the hashtag #WildlifeWednesday. And if you’d rather not tweet, simply include the same hashtag in your Flickr photo title, or tag it with WildlifeWednesday.

We look forward to seeing your contributions and featuring a new selection of your photo submissions every Wednesday here on our blog.