Throwback Thursday: Brooke Shields the intern

We did a little digging this week for these photographic gems from Flickr contributors of Throwback Thursday. Leading with a celebrity portrait and ending with ’30s cheerleaders literally throwing back, here’s a 9-photo journey on memory lane.

An Intern From Hollywood

“Our animals have always been the stars at the Zoo and Safari Park, but in May 1983, they received some famous attention from a fellow celebrity. Hollywood star Brooke Shields spent the month in San Diego as an intern, filling a work experience requirement for her senior year of high school. She worked in several areas of the Zoo and Safari Park, and one of her assignments was to help keepers in the koala exhibit. Brooke helped clean, prep eucalyptus branches, and conduct daily checks of the marsupials. She was also granted the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with them–always aware of the koalas’ sharp claws, of course. The koalas were curious about the newcomer but soon took her presence in stride. Zoo and Park staff members were a bit more starstruck: having Brooke Shields as an employee made for a merry month of May!” – San Diego Zoo

Walking the greased pole, Gloucester

“Walking the greased pole, Gloucester.” Spencer Grant Collection, 1972. – Boston Public Library

Letter carriers watch the Super Bowl in Holiday Inn penthouse, Cambridge

“Letter carriers watch the Super Bowl in Holiday Inn penthouse, Cambridge.” Spencer Grant Collection, 1970. – Boston Public Library

Olaf the Geologist

“Sitting on top of Mount St. Helens on Feb. 11, 1983, Olaf and another geologist are working hard … almost 3 years later following the aftermath of the 1980 eruption. Photo credit: Lyn Topinka.” – U.S. Geological Survey

1954-55 Freshman basketball team

“1954-55 Freshman basketball team.” – Clemson University Libraries

#ThrowbackThursday  06-May-1984

“SunCoast Mustang Club Car Show, Tyrone Square Mall, St. Petersburg, FL, May 6, 1984. – Michel Curi, Jr., MBA

Amish men - horse auction 1971
Wilcox,KyleAmish men – horse auction 1971

“Amish men – horse auction 1971 … rural Iowa” – Kyle Wilcox

Main Stand, Maine Road Stadium 1985

“The Main Stand of Maine Road Stadium, Manchester in 1985. The stadium has since been demolished.” – Conor Cotter

Tumbling Cheerleaders
College of William & MaryTumbling Cheerleaders

“Cheerleaders at Cary Field, circa 1937.” – College of William & Mary

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