Troy Holden: Neighbors

Street photographer extraordinaire, Troy Holden, has been a Flickr member since 2009, when he bought his first compact digital camera.

taking his new camera along when he walked his dog or ran an errand was the beginning of Troy’s deep fascination with street photography: “I photographed little details from each walk as a form of diary keeping. Over time I started to focus on portraiture and candid moments in the street.”

A few years ago, a friend introduced Troy to film development in a public darkroom. “Once I figured the process out, I slowly moved from digital to film,” Troy tells us and adds, “I prefer compact cameras and black & white 35mm film but occasionally shoot with a mobile phone or DSLR. I carry a camera with me everywhere, similar to a wallet and house keys.”

Most of Troy’s photos are made while walking the streets of San Francisco: “I tend to walk the same ‘tracks’ – a predetermined oval shaped route – like Market Street from 9th to 4th and back or Mission Street from 16th to 24th.”

Troy’s upcoming exhibition Neighbors features 50 portraits as photographic essay of San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Mid-Market and SoMa districts. The opening reception is this Thursday, June 19th, at the San Francisco Museum at the Mint. The exhibition will be open every Sunday from 1-4pm through August 17th.

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