Join the Wild Ones in Boston!

A guest post by Sarah Ann Loreth, cofounder of The Wild Ones, a Flickr sponsored workshop tour around the USA and Canada. Follow the Wild Ones on Flickr and stay tuned for more updates here on Flickr Blog once the 2014 tour commences.

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Sarah Ann Loreththe hideaway

Come join The Wild Ones on our first stop in Boston, Massachusetts! On July 11th & 12th we kick off our tour at a beautiful vibrant arboretum for a full day of shooting. This park is home to beautiful gardens, winding paths, and large trees that add a magical canopy around many of the bends and turns of the trails. The entire park will be within our grasp for the creation of photographs.

You’ll have the opportunity to follow each of the instructors through live shoots and then create images of your own. Our day has been strategically scheduled to end around sunset to provide the best quality of light for students and we’ll be there to guide you the whole way!

The second day of the workshop will be mainly focused on business development and editing and will take place in an indoor environment within the Boston area (location will be shared privately via email with registered students). You will have opportunities to follow live editing demos and inspiration exercises by the instructors while also delving into your own creative process during a free-time portion at the end of the day.

Join us in Boston
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Sarah Ann Loreth

Sarah is a fine art photographer from New Hampshire, who specializes in self-portraiture and conceptual portraiture. To see more of her work check out her website: