Portraits invade the Pantheon

Artist JR started his career illegally posting enormous photographic imagery in the streets of Paris. The French capital eventually approved of JR’s installations and started supporting his artwork in the outdoors of Parisian housing projects from 2004 to 2006.

His tactic of displaying billboard-sized monochromatic portraits in urban environments became his signature style. And as a self-proclaimed “urban artivist,” JR brings the faces of various communities to the forefront in a way that promotes awareness and acceptance of humanity’s diversity.

In JR’s latest endeavor, the Pantheon opened this month with his “Au Panthéon!” project. It showcases thousands of portraits taken in March of this year from a photo-booth truck, which made its way to multiple nations. The portraits are arranged in mosaics on ornate ceilings, floors, and exterior of the famous monument.

Paris Juin 2014 - 15
Paris Juin 2014 - 03
JR au Panthéon
JR au Panthéon
Nice geometry
Woman taking a photo among the faces