Olympic National Forest

A simple search for landscapes provides a nice batch of luxuriant vegetation across the globe. We glanced at some of the trending photography from it, and a particular destination stood out with outstanding luscious greenery: Olympic National Forest in Washington, U.S.

Life in the Forest

Elk in the early morning light.

Lingering moments......

“Being in a lush, fully alive forest setting is pretty high on my list for fun things to do. Knowing that my cell phone is completely useless here adds to my joy. The remote places I like to visit require a dedication to relaxation. I do that well here. Just me and my creek……yep :)” – Lance McCoy

Grove of Maples

“I was impressed with the forest at Sol Duc, but then we got to the Hoh, which is a different kind of forest altogether. Giant Bigleaf maples (Acer macrophyllum) are interspersed among the even larger Sitka Spruce, Douglass Fir, and Western Red Cedar. At the very end of April, the maple leaves had just started to open, and so there wasn’t much of a canopy to block the light.”

“Every space available was covered in epiphytic mosses and ferns and even trees growing on other trees. In some ways, the rainforests remind me of the eastern forests, and yet, they’re still so much different.” – Matt Singer

The Wild Coast VIII
Between the Trees, Olympic National Forest, Washington
What choo lookin' at?

“Olympic marmots are only found in and around the Olympic National Forest … they are pretty big — with stubby little legs … They mainly eat vegetation and these two, along with a few others on this hill, were munching along like a bunch of cows in a pasture. Apparently, however, the marmot on its back did something wrong, because the other one ran over, chomped on the back of its neck, which led to the smaller one yelling “uncle”* and rolling over on it’s back. A few minutes later the big one took another one down in the same manner. Apparently this is the alpha male.” – Brenda Pederson

rain forest - Olympic NP

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