Wildlife Wednesday: Colorful chameleons

In this week’s photo selection, let’s explore the amazing reptiles known for their full range of colors and ability to blend into surroundings: chameleons. Here’s a delightful batch of species found in Madagascar to Singapore.

Chameleon on the branch

“This is a chameleon from Madagascar living in the Masoala hall of the zoo of Zürich.” – Tambako The Jaguar

Chameleon in the camp

“Very lucky to have even seen this camouflaged guy at all.” – Tom Huber

I didn't miss him.
"Elephant-eared Chameleon" (Calumma amber) found at Amber Mountain National Park, North Madagascar.

“Also known as the Short-horned Chameleon. The most striking and distinctive features of the short-horned chameleon are its large, ear-like occipital lobes, and the short bony appendage that projects from the snout.” – Roger Sargent

Bradypodion occidentale

“The Western Dwarf Chameleon can be found on the west coast of South Africa. This specimen is well camouflaged in its surroundings near Lambert’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.” – Jean-Paul Brouard

Chameleon Camouflage
Uroplatus lineatus

“Stick chameleon, champion for camouflage. Endemic to Madagascar and found only in the eastern rainforest.” – Andriambolantsoa Rasolohery

The Don

“Looking for new territories” – Gourav Konar

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