Mono Monday: Joel Tjintjelaar

Follow us into the artistic mind and vision of Joel Tjintjelaar for Mono Monday this week. Through Joel’s photography, you will be transported to unfamiliar cities of stark angles and bright, soaring infrastructure. Even if they are your home, it’s likely you won’t immediately recognize the vistas. Joel’s long exposure technique is breathtaking, but fortunately he teaches workshops, so you could learn his craft and apply his techniques to your own.

We hope you enjoy Joel’s work and we wish you a wonderful week of photography!

*Visual Acoustics XI - Silence and Light - Pantheon, Rome 2014 *
*Visual Acoustics X - Silence and Light*
Visual Acoustics VI - Silence and Light - Echoes - Wrigley Building & Trump Tower
Visual Acoustics VII - Silence and Light - Erasmus Bridge
La Défense Study I Tour Total
Visual Acoustics I - La Défense Study III - La Grande Arche de la Défense - La Défense Paris
Nocturne I