A photographers view of Orion FTE-1’s test flight

(Original post in Spanish here: http://blog.flickr.net/es/2014/12/17/lanzamiento-orion-fte-1/)

On December 5th, we saw one of the most important days in the history of human space exploration. The first test launch of NASA’s Orion spacecraft opened a new era in transportation.

Flckr members had the opportunity to meet many interesting people working in social media from all around the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico. We were able to witness the magic that goes into powering the stunning space crafts, we learned a great deal about space and science, but what we loved the most was that we had the opportunity to admire the amazing work of the photographers shooting the launch.

We even got a nice surprise from Elmo, who made us laugh!

The first stage of Orion’s journey was a success, and we want to share with you the story we witnessed during our time at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Have a look at the first step for humankind’s Journey to Mars and visit Orion’s official page in Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasaorion/



Tory Bruno United Launch Alliance, CEO
Orion EFT-1
Delta IV Heavy in the Launch Facility
Orion at 6:46am
The Vehicle Assmbly Building (Inside)
Elmo & Astro Ricky Arnold talking about #Orion at KSCVC 12/04/2014
Orion first flight
The birds flew away from the take off of the Orion Capsule
Astronauts celebrate Orion's successful splashdown
Orion Recovery