Flickr Friday: A Sight For Sore Eyes – The Selection

The theme for last week’s #FlickrFriday was #‎ASightForSoreEyes! Thank you for all these great interpretations of the theme and for all your contributions! Check out the selection of our favorites this week. And you check all the submissions at the Flickr Friday group.

Fish medecin for eyes #FlickrFriday #SightForSoreEyes
A Sight for Sore Eyes
A sight for sore eyes - featured on flickr blog
Water for steamed up dogs
Cuddly and Crabby


Happy first day of summer


Love in blue
25/52 - #SightForSoreEyes
Disfrutando del atardecer..
Sight for sore eyes
Jo and Marley
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Stella Jost

Stella ist Community Managerin für Flickr und verfasst Beiträge für den Flickr Blog. Sie lebt und arbeitet in München.

Stella is a Community Manager for Flickr and an editor on the Flickr Blog. She lives and works in Munich, Germany.