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As the curator at Flickr working on the Flickr Marketplace, I come across so many impressive photostreams. It’s exciting for me to have an opportunity to share some of these photographers in this Flickr blog segment: Five To Follow on Flickr. Looking for inspiration or in the mood for the unexpected? These five photostreams will get you looking at the street or even a corner of your room a bit differently.


Missy Prince

Missy Prince is all about travel, but not the obvious locales. Instead, this photostream shows a different side, capturing the inhabitants of a small town in rural Mississippi, the wild color of East Los Angeles and the desolate beauty of an abandoned roadside diner.

Jordane Prestrot

Who knew chairs could make such a good picture? Jordane Prestrot finds intriguing angles and photo-worthy opportunities in the everyday, whether it is telephone wires, doors or lampposts. You may not always know what you are looking at, but the photos are intriguing nonetheless.

Liberty Loan Girls, St. Paul (LOC)

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States, and its Flickr photostream is an amazing look into the past. The archive of photographs covers every side of life in the nation, with the historically iconic and the anonymous, public spectacle and intimate private moments creating one of the most cohesive and impactful glimpses of American history there is.


Veronica Varos

Veronica Varos is an amazing wedding and engagement photographer, capturing gorgeously composed portraits of the couples, the emotions of the big day and all the tiny details and decorations that make each celebration unique.


Nathan Congleton

Based out of New York City, Nathan Congleton captures both the grand and the mundane of the Big Apple. Recently he’s started focusing on sports, photographing matches for Major League Soccer team NYCFC, featuring the likes of David Villa and Mix Diskerud on their roster.

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Liz is a curator and content manager for Flickr and is passionate about visual storytelling. As a curator on Flickr she searches for extraordinary photography and finds opportunities to share it with a global community.