Concept Collaboration: “In Reflection”

Hello Flickr friends, collaborators, creatives, and introspective artists around the globe! Last month’s Concept Collaboration detailed the desire in all of us to reflect on the past and look to the future – to peer into ourselves and our lives, and see how far we have come.

Currently, 2,500 photos have been submitted to the Flickr group, and we love seeing every single one of them! We encourage you to participate in this growing community of collaborators around the world with our monthly concepts as they become available.

Immersed in contemplation

The reflective process of human beings is a natural part of our biology. Our lives are characterized, shaped, and set forth by the experiences we have every day, but, in the digital age, we don’t always take the time to reflect on them. As you view the photos from last month’s collaboration, we hope that you, too can find a chance to reflect.

Here are some of our favorite images from awesome Collaborators and Flickr members from last month:

172/365 "Timidity is Not Me."
Loves Clutch

Concept Collaboration seeks out one photographer with the most creative and promising approach to his or her art with every concept we create. This photographer wins a camera bag from our incredible sponsors at Vanguard, a company supporting photographers around the world with innovative camera gear. In addition, we feature this photographer in our monthly Flickr blog post, and ask them for special interviews about their work. This month, we’ve chosen Lisa Town as our most creative collaborator! Lisa, your image is amazing!


Lisa’s image, “Connected,” reflects what I believe to be the inner workings of every human mind. The strings represent the infinite number of experiences branching in every direction, and the model, caught up within them, reflects the effect that these experiences have on each and every one of us. In Lisa’s own words: “Like a million threads, our experiences and emotions spill, puddle and change over time to create a unique design in reflection of who we are…”

The Concept Collaboration movement challenges the idea that art must be done alone and apart from others. We believe in a ripple-effect of friendships, business partnerships, and new ideas growing forth. After 6 months of meeting up, we can safely say that our in-person meetups achieve this purpose. If you’re located on the West Coast of the United States of America, and would like to join us for some of our upcoming meetups in California (Pt. Reyes, Aug. 8th), or Oregon (Portland, Aug. 15th), please sign up hereMore information will be sent to registered attendees for meeting times and dates.

Our next concept for July is “When We Fall.” Read more about it here, then get some friends together and create some art!

A few quick captures with Kent McDonald, an attendee of the Vancouver Meetup, and the very first winner of Concept Collaboration!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We leave you with the photo Kent created at this meetup! Great job, Kent!



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David Talley is a USA-based photographer and educator with a focus in dark storyline visuals. He has been recognized internationally by various publications, including My Modern Metropolis, London Independent Photography, and United Colors of Benetton. His works exhibit the darkest moment before an explosion of light, a story broken, but changed for the better, and the ability to transform the present problem in to a prospering future. David is founder of the photographic collaboration event, Concept Collaboration.