Flickr Cover Photos of the Week

We’re very happy to announce the newest Flickr Heroes cover photo winners for the week: Dégradés de Lavandes……… by  Alain M (on Facebook and Google+) and rain and bed by Guilherme Freitas (on Twitter and Tumblr). Congratulations! We loved your cover photos.

Dégradés de Lavandes.........
rain and bed

Every Saturday morning (CET), we’ll announce on our social media channels that we’re searching for new #FlickrHeroes to replace our Cover Photos on Flickr’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr channels. On Monday, we’ll select one photo to put on Facebook and Google+, and a second photo to put on Twitter and Tumblr. We’ll announce that you’re the new cover photo for the week and we’ll link to your photo on Flickr. To learn more and get a chance to see your photo as the hero photo of the week, join our #FlickrHeroes group!