Listen and Watch Carefully, Don’t Be in the Way: Marijana Klasan

364/365 Snow White

Marijana captures quotidian moments and scenes: people, streets, buildings, food. We were drawn to her work because of her color palette and aesthetic choices, which lend definition to her work without distracting from her themes. “My favorite colors are simple: black, white and grey,” she said. “I am a huge fan of street photography, because working with the surroundings and the light you are given gives you so much freedom to observe and witness things without worrying about other parameters.”

Viennese Street Lamps

She says she tries to carry a camera with her everywhere. “The things I photograph are simple things that are interesting to my eye,” and explains that being an architecture student helps her notice things that other might not and to discover potential in all kind of small details. “It’s all about light, proportion, structure, texture”.

365/365 The Final Image

She also tries to not focus too much in what other photographers are doing. “I feel it is very limiting for my own creativity. Not focusing on others allows me to try more on my own without the fear of failing”

342/365 The Bride

Besides her great images of everyday objects, Marijana takes photos of weddings, a hobby that quickly turned into a profession. It all started with her boyfriend’s aunt inviting her to take pictures at an intimate wedding, and then developed from there. Now, after documenting quite a few weddings over the last couple of years, she says the most important thing she has learned is to “listen and watch very carefully” so she can observe the story that unfolds in front of her. “Don’t be in the way. The more invisible you are, the better,” she advises.

Check out M. Klasan’s Flickr photostream for more wonderful images and let her know how you feel about her work.