Flickr Heroes of the Week

Happy Monday, Flickr Family! Oh wait, it’s Tuesday. Sorry about that! Due to Labor Day Weekend and the entire Flickr Staff being off on Monday, we’re doing Flickr Heroes today instead of yesterday. We hope you had a great weekend! We’re excited to announce this week’s Flickr Heroes from photos submitted to the Flickr Heroes group pool.

This week’s Flickr Heroes are ‘Where Dreams Take Flight’ by Christian_From_Berlin on Facebook and Twitter and ‘July 2016’ by Michael Flocco on Tumblr and Google+.

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning next week!

"Where Dreams Take Flight”

This week’s honorable Flickr Hero mentions:

Dropped my cell phone down below
Sri Lanka Highlands II
Cueva de hielo




Volcanic Sunrise at Crater Lake
Home-made Scars.