Seeing The World Through Her Lens

“Nothing attracts me like a closed door. I cannot let my camera rest until I have pried it open.”

– Margaret Bourke-White

Flickr is home to millions of photographers from around the world, each with a unique perspective, view, and experience. Among those many millions of photographers are millions of women with cameras, smartphones, and visual voices.

History’s best female photographers span multiple genres. From the personal portraits of Ilse Bing and Dorothea Lange to the unique street photography of Helen Levitt, women with cameras have pioneered new techniques and have helped bring photography to the masses.

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’re inviting female photographers of all ages and experience levels, from all countries and backgrounds, to share how they view the world, using use the hashtag #ThroughHerLens.

March is all about celebrating women, and at Flickr, we look forward to highlighting the amazing visual stories they have to tell all month long.

Tell your friends and invite the world to see #ThroughHerLens. We’ll be featuring some of our favorite photographers and images from the hashtag on the Flickr Blog.

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