Top Tag Tuesday

It’s Top Tag Tuesday once again and that means we’ve highlighted some of the best photos for each of the top-five trending tags on Flickr this week!

As every Monday, the theme for this week’s macro challenge, ‘The Space in Between,’ is trending on Flickr. The Macro Mondays Group asked Flickr photographers to capture some of the most interesting things they could find in between two objects and make that the focal point of their images.

In Between
In Between
Flower In Between Buds

As you’ve probably guessed, ‘Natur’ is the German word for ‘nature.’ As the spring season approaches, Flickr photographers are heading outside to take pictures of blooming flowers, full rivers, warmer sunrises and other signs of early Spring.

After a rain shower in the morning

What better place for capturing nature at its best than a rural landscape? Small towns and farms are surely great places to stare at the sky, breath some fresh air, and ruminate on life’s important details.

The Lone Tree....
Corner Light

It’s Carnival season in Spain and that may be the reason why ‘España’ is a trending tag this week. Spaniards know how to celebrate every occasion properly and carnivals are no exception. From South to North, Spain celebrates this unique festivity with different fiestas across the country and the photographers are using their country tag to represent!

Cadiz 71365
Cadiz 71635
The teenage witch

We can’t deny our excitement for the upcoming season. For the most part, Flickr is saying ‘goodbye’ to Winter and ‘hello’ to Spring with some rocking pictures of rainbows, melting snow, and hailstorms.

Double Rainbow
Sunday Storm
Unsettled Bronte