Tender Moments in Tumultuous Cities

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Nina Romani, known on Flickr as ‘ninasclicks’, is an IT professional and part time photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Though she’s never focused on photography as a career, it has served as a lifetime passion and, more recently, a major creative outlet.

“About 7 years ago, my husband and I decided to travel to London and Paris after a particularly rough year in our lives. I really enjoyed the trip and one of the things I enjoyed the most was taking photographs,” she explained, so as soon as she got back from her European adventure, she opened a Flickr account.

“I love to travel and wander around a city or town and find the special corners, the details, the things that I think are beautiful or special. And when I am not traveling, I do the same at home.”

Following that trip, Nina began taking photography more seriously. She tried to learn new techniques, practice more often, and enjoy every part of the process. Her efforts paid off just a few months later when she was contacted by a number of stock photography agencies, magazines, home decor firms and people who wanted to buy prints of her work.

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Nina takes photos on a variety of subjects, ranging from flowers and streets to food and vintage vehicles. “I like to capture the beauty, joy, and calm hiding in the midst of the chaos and speed of the city.”

There’s a tender, intimate touch to her photographs. Inherently subtle and calm, her eye has also helped her amass a supportive fanbase. Nina’s followers praise her ability to transform ordinary objects into soft-lighted, beautiful scenes full of good vibes.

“My shots are not staged, I just find things, details, corners, a light that I am attracted to and then I compose the shot to capture a moment before it is gone and cannot be reproduced.”

All she needs to compose a beautiful image is good lightning and a little bokeh. “I use a lot of selective focus and shallow depth of field as a way to convey an emotion or mood and sometimes to make the viewer complete the story with their imagination.”

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“I think it all comes down to reading about light and then practice and watch, paying attention to the light, the quality of it, how it reflects on some buildings, the kind of shadows it produces, how it can make an object special.”

After exploring and taking photos, Nina lets her work sit for a few days before editing it. “Time can make you look at your photos in a different way,” she explained.

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Nina’s will venture to Copenhagen, Denmark or Japan next. “I would like to visit Japan not only because it is such a beautiful place but also because it is a very different culture that I would like to experience and photograph.”

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For more tender moments and beautifully soft, quiet city scenes check out Nina’s Flickr Photostream to see how she captures and shares the world #ThroughHerLens.