Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd is a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection across the world! On this day, billions of people participate in environmental education activities and march to demand responsible practices from business and governments. The goal for this year is to start a global campaign to achieve climate and environmental literacy by Earth Day 2020.

Flickr is home to many thousands of nature photographers who dedicate their efforts to raise awareness about the value of our wildlife and the global challenges affecting our environment: degradation of ecosystems, mass extinction of species, pollution of air, water and soil, and many, many other issues. In their honor, and in hopes of encouraging others to become aware of the fragility of our planet, we’ve put together a gallery with some of our favorite nature images from the Flickr community. Click here to see the full showcase and to add your photos and comments. Let’s not take this planet for granted!

Spring in St.Albert
Taking the Redeye
Walk With Me
NASA-funded study says glacier shape matters and influences vulnerability to melting