Flickr Friday – Raise the Bar

The FlickrFam has once again found a way to #RaiseTheBar for Flickr Friday’s latest theme. We expected to see dramatic photos of what it means to take things to the next level, but in classic Flickr fashion we got fabulously quirky interpretations like this:

...Flickr Friday asked us to “raise the bar”, so I did 😀

The phrase ‘raising the bar’ was redefined as photographers put their personalized spin on the word ‘bar’.

Clean and Jerk
Raise the Bar

Keep up the creativity, folks. We can’t get enough!

raising the bar

If your photo wasn’t selected and you can’t control the flames from your raging fury, not to worry! You can add your photo to the comments section of the gallery with this format: [FLICKR URL] This way your photos will get some more exposure and everyone will have the opportunity to ooh and ahh over your work, as they should. Want your photo featured in next week’s roundup? Stay tuned for the announcement of the next theme tomorrow morning.