Inktober Week 3 – A Flickr Gallery

We’re a week away from the end of #Inktober2017, and we are amazed by the illustrators and sketch artists who have been participating and sharing their drawings with the Flickr Inktober Group. The purpose of this challenge was to bring together artists from all over the world to collaborate, share, and to foster a supportive community for all kinds of creative folks.

Thanks for taking part, everyone! As every Saturday, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite submissions for the week. We hope you like it!


(DAY EIGHTEEN of MONSTOBER)Inktober+Drawlloween 2017
Bat cartoon - Inktober day 10
Ariane #inktober#inktober2017
Hello #inktober #inktober2017 ..are we the 15th already?

We’d also love to see nominations for your favorite artist of #Inktober2017! Post your favorite artist’s name and a link to his or her profile in this discussion thread. At the end of the month we’ll pick one winner to feature on the Flickr Blog and social media channels!