Flickr Friday – Timing


People say life is all about timing. What they don’t tell you is how absolutely beautiful it all is once it stops. Unless you were the guinea pig of a mutant lab for some time, like the rest of us, you don’t have the ability to stop time. Something every Flickr community member has in common is that we’ve all found a way around this problem, using cameras. Shooting gives us the ability to savor the otherwise lost and futile moments that pass us by.  The few shots below best illustrate last week’s #Timing challenge.

One of the many remarkable photo categories is composed of framed and posed elements which people normally wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to see in the natural world without brilliant photographers taking the time to craft these moments.

Acqua corrente

Other times, photos allow people to experience paused portions of nature in high definition, giving value to the otherwise ignored. Commonplace subjects and activities are suddenly heightened in intrigue all because the details are accessible at 10,000 frames/second.

#Timing #FlickrFriday "No time for photography, mate! I'm busy eating"
IMG_012255 - Just in time

On a completely separate note, photography can also serve as a “relatively” healthy outlet for adrenaline junkies who have the nerve to enter into close quarters with incredibly dangerous (and incredibly cute) wildlife. To you, we express the utmost gratitude for your courage because we wouldn’t have featured photos on our Flickr Friday Blog without you!

Grey wolf

If your photo didn’t make it on the blog or gallery, we encourage you to keep trying. This sort of fabulousness doesn’t come easily. If you’ve lost all hope of getting your photo featured and you now completely loathe Flickr at its very core, you can feature your photo yourself! Add it in the comments section with this format: [FLICKR URL], everyone can still see your #Timing themed photo!

Next week’s theme will be announced tomorrow morning so make sure to keep your Flickr files ready for submission!