Flickr Friday – Let The Sunshine In

Did you know about 1,300,000 Earths can fit in the sun? With the latest #LetTheSunshineIn theme for the week, Flickr Friday participants were reminded of the power of the sun by creatively incorporating light in their photos! Sunshine was blatantly present in each and every one of the winning photos from this week, some even uniquely in black and white. Flickr members really pushed the envelope in terms of what sunshine truly looks like, but quality was never compromised. Below are some of the top photos from the 13 winning photos of the challenge.

Let the Sunshine In

We loved the many creative versions of sunshine, both literally and figuratively. Sunshine was royally defined in the photo below, horrifically depicted in the photo above, and each equally appreciated:)

Nap in the Afternoon Sun

As all photographers know, photos are all about light. Light is the key construct in any superior photograph of substance. Thank goodness for beautiful lighting, because it’s easier to come by than beautiful subjects. Sometimes, with good enough lighting, the subject doesn’t have to be jaw droppingly unique. It can be as commonplace as a sleeping pupper or a little girl. So how can a photo be stellar enough to incorporate light, yet still be black and white? It’s important to keep the idea of color and light completely distinct. The absence of color can sometimes enhance focus on other aspects of the photo, which includes light and shadow.



Winners of this week’s theme have been posted in a gallery available for viewing now! If you’re loving the focus on light as much as we are, be sure to check it out! Otherwise, if you’re getting heated because your photo didn’t make the cut, try again next week or add it to the comment section of Flickr Friday’s gallery using bracket formatting [FLICKR LINK].