Flickr Friday – Chained to the Sky

People always say it’s important to keep yourself grounded. Well here at Flickr, we think it’s important to be #ChainedToTheSky. Reality can be a fickle thing to get lost in and it’s all to easy to get stuck in what society tells us we should be doing. You can be imaginative, groundbreaking, and revolutionary while still being humble. Below are a few pics of different interpretations of last week’s Flickr Friday Group challenge.

Chained to the sky

We mostly saw #ChainedToTheSky portrayed very literally. This wasn’t what we were expecting because showing something chained to the sky was much more difficult than photographing the idea that it encompasses. We are yet again impressed with another week’s phenomenal work.

#ChainedToTheSky - Mana from the Sky

We also noticed this recurring holiday trend invading submissions one by one. Don’t think that we don’t notice those merry season colors! If the holidays have made their way into your heart, don’t be afraid to let it shine through your work! We’re all thinking about it, why not show it? Let’s not be chained down by boringly typical non-holiday thoughts! Embrace the holiday season of cheer!


Or not. If you want to bleak, feel free to do that too. It’s a world of choice, people. Don’t be chained down to one train of thought. Did the Grinch do that? No, and look at how famous he is now.


If you’d like to see more photographs #ChainedToTheSky, then check out our gallery! You can also add you photos to the comment section using bracket formatting like this: [Flickr Link] If your photo wasn’t included in the gallery, we encourage you to channel your feeling towards your photography and maybe that extra emotion will enhance your photos enough to be included next week!

Happy Holidays!