Flickr Friday – Get Out of my Picture

Everyone knows that feeling.

The shot is perfectly framed. The light couldn’t be any better. The subject is on point. Then something or someone decides their need to stroll right into the middle of your shot is more important than that million dollar photograph you were about to take.

This blog is a tribute to all the photographers who never had the courage to say #GetOutOfMyPicture and all those fabulous pictures that never got taken because life physically got in the way.

You Wall-E

Wall-E got an entire movie to himself. He doesn’t need this photo too. You’re cute but get out of here. This isn’t your time.


We’re pretty sure this fierce feline knew exactly what he was doing when his leisurely decided to saunter through. Notice the avoidance of eye contact!

The photo below is the ultimate tragedy. That is too stunning of a building for it to be out of focus. Minions truly do cause destruction… and they have no remorse for it.


The “misty landscape” below would have been a classic to put in the scrapbook, but Mr. Water Bottle has tarnished it! The image was still captured, but it certainly isn’t the same with that extra visitor in the back. Now you have 6684 feet to drive down and think about the shot that could have been :(

Get out of my picture

Can’t get enough? Check out our gallery full of photos that had unwelcome guests. If you took a photo where you felt you couldn’t say #GetOutOfMyPicture, then share it on the comment section of the gallery with the format: [FLICKR LINK] If your photo didn’t make it into the blog or gallery this week, try again for next week’s theme!