Flickr Friday – No Place Like Home

One of the most crazy things about homes, is the universal feeling that comes with coming back to it. You may travel every country and thoroughly enjoy every moment of it, but there’s nothing compared to settling into your own sheets… no matter how cold they may be. This was the inspiration behind this past Flickr Friday theme of #NoPlaceLikeHome.

There's Snow Place Like Home

Rediscovering your roots may mean coming back to your hometown kitchen, sitting in uncomfortable chairs that you’ve outgrown, stepping on creaky wooden floors and fixing the same light that always goes out. There’s comfort in familiarity and sometimes it’s just purely therapeutic.

After noon Sun (FF)

Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s just standing there in the place you’ve stood so many times and remembering when things were easier. Maybe the mystery of home will never be solved.

There is No Place Like Home

But either way, if you have the chance to go back to it…take it. Because you never know what might come out of it. If you’re interested in the complete #NoPlaceLikeHome photo collection, then check out our gallery! Make sure to add your photos to the Flickr Friday group for next week to have your chance at being one of the winners. Happy Flickr Friday, folks :)