Celebrating Women in Photography

Did you notice our login homepage has a completely new look? Flickr’s signed-out homepage has had their photo rotation revamped and the new images are all taken by female photographers on Flickr!

It’s important to recognize, highlight, and create a space for women’s work and unique vision because, as in many other industries, women in photography face underrepresentation. So in honor of the millions of women with cameras, smartphones, talent and visual voices, we have selected twenty images that captivate us and get us excited about photography.

Here are some of the featured photos. Unfortunately, this selection doesn’t include all of the great photographers who inspired us this year. Be sure to click on their names to see more of their work!

Yuliya Bahr


Heather West

Veil Falls

Angelika Hörschläger

Hallstatt (explore)

aleah michele

If I had a voice like the sea.

Louise Denton

Tolmer Falls