Flickr Friday – Equality For All

Last week’s Flickr Friday theme was #EqualityForAll, in honor of National Women’s History Month. But we had a variety of submissions ranging from themes beyond this topic, and demonstrating a need for gender equality.

Flickr Friday

The photo above is a replica of the Gettysburg Address. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln wrote that all men were created equal, but this is still a struggle in 2018 as women and minorities have so much left to fight for.

#Igualdad para todos

We’re loving the darkness to set the tone. We noticed the lack of photos with cheer or color this week. The atmosphere was grim, but it suited the topic and we appreciate the effort in sticking with the theme.


If you can’t get enough of our equality themed photographs, check out the collection of the best submissions in our gallery. If your photo didn’t make it in the gallery this time around, feel free to add your equality themed picture in the comments section using the format: [Flickr Link]. Don’t forget to submit your Flickr Friday themed photograph to the group for next weeks challenge! Happy National Women’s History Month:)