Flickr Friday – 100 Percent

Happy finally-it’s-Flickr-Friday day. Hhere’s the selection of our favorite submissions from the past week’s challenge! Doesn’t not having a spring break make going back to school seem doable? Back to the old days when you could go out any day other than Friday and still feel almost #100Percent in the morning. Just kidding. Nobody feels close to 100 percent in the morning. IT’S MORNING.

100% for Flickr

Why was this the first photo selected? We’re not sure.. there’s just something about it. And no… we’re not biased at all! Not at all…

stick with the blues

If you ever need a visual breath of fresh air, this is the picture for you. Nothing quite says clean, simple, and spacious like …what is this, the bristles of a brush? A head massager? Inedible metal lollipops? Small baby Earths on sticks with no land and excessive oceans?


With the title of “100% Super,” this was a mandatory addition of cuteness to this post. We avoid run-ins with the cute police, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re interested in more representations of 100%, then check out our gallery! If you want your photo to have the chance to be featured on the blog or gallery, be sure to submit them to our Flickr Friday group by Thursday afternoon of every week! Winners are announced every …yup you guessed it, Friday.