#ThroughHerLens – A Selection Gallery

Flickr’s #ThroughHerLens social media campaign was designed to showcase female photographers and to celebrate Women’s History Month. Now that March is coming to a close, so is the campaign, along with all submissions using the hashtag. This may be the end of this project, but this is not the end of the purpose.


Allow the photographs representing your experiences, outlooks, and thoughts to be seen and dispersed. This project has never been a competition. It’s about women helping other women become visible. It’s about highlighting our own work while simultaneously encouraging the creativity in others.

sun & fruit-Last Summer

We have created a gallery featuring some of the most noteworthy photographs. If you’re interested in seeing where it all began, photos with the hashtag #ThroughHerLens were posted to the Flickr Social group. From there, many were shared on our social media channels in order to increase visibility and share the true talent of these photographers.

It has been a privilege circulating such incredible work through our social platforms and we hope to see you again next March!