Flickr Friday – Flare

The theme of last week’s Flickr Friday was #Flare and boy did we bring it. So much drama in so little time. I don’t think that has ever been a positive statement before this week.


Nothing says drama more than bright colorful lights in an almost blinding combination of gorgeousness.


Along with the #Flare comes #Edgy. A possible life threatening situation may have occurred in the making of this photograph. This photo is fearless.

Hunting in the Sun

We’re always a bit afraid of cats and their mystical ways, but this photo is nothing but evidence that we are afraid with good reason. Dear goodness someone get that beast some catnip. If you hungry for more #Flare themed photos, then check out our gallery! If you want your photo to have the chance to be featured on the blog or gallery, be sure to submit them to our Flickr Friday group by Thursday afternoon of every week! Winners are announced every Friday!