Join our “Less is More” photo challenge (and win great prizes).

Less is More

During the next two weeks, Flickr will be running a contest in collaboration with “Less is More,” a Flickr group dedicated to minimalist photographs.

The theme for the Contest is (what else?) “Minimalism,”
Starting June 24, 2019 we invite you to submit your photos to our “Less is More” challenge, and also to vote for your favorite images from fellow community members. Three (3) final winners based on your votes will receive some branded Flickr gear.

The contest will remain open for submissions until July 1, 2019 at 4:30PM PT (11:30PM UTC). You can either pick an existing photo from your Photostream or take a new one and share it to the group. Voting will take place between July 1 (immediately after submissions close) and July 8, 2019. Winners will be officially notified via FlickrMail on July 10, and their photographs will be featured on the Flickr Blog and social media channels.

How to submit:

1. Post your photograph in this thread by copying and pasting the HTML embed code for the medium 640 size. Posting instructions are here.
2. One submission per member.
3. You must number your entry. i.e. if you’re the third person embedding your photo in the thread, you must add “#3” to your comment.
4. You may pick any photo (that you took!) from your stream or take a new one during the week. Photos must be able to qualify as “minimal.”

How to vote for your favorites:

1. Voting begins after the announcement in this thread that submissions are closed and the voting has started.
2. All entrants must vote, but must not vote for their own submissions.
3. All members of the group are encouraged to vote, even if they did not submit a photo to the contest.
4. Up to 3 photos may be voted for by each member, with 3, 2 or 1 point(s) allocated as specified.
5. Please vote in this thread only. Your vote should look something like this, whereby the 1st number is the photo number, and the 2nd number is the number of points you are giving it:
#5 – 3 points
#8 – 2 points
#9 – 1 points

The three winners based on your votes will be featured on the Flickr blog and social media channels and will be contacted via FlickrMail to receive some cool swag from Flickr HQ.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!