A new home for your events

The Flickr community has a long history of participating in photo walks and other in-person events, and that’s something we feel great about.

Today, we’re are excited to announce the release of our new Events page, a place where Flickr members can learn about photography meet-ups, photo walks, classes, workshops, exhibitions, and all kinds of offline and online events around the world that are hosted by members of the Flickr community.


Here’s what to expect:

– Explore a list of upcoming community events. If you are interested in attending any of them, join the corresponding Group, and reply to the discussion so we can keep you updated.

– Learn the basics of hosting an event and submit all the required details for inclusion on the Events page.

– Events can be free or paid, it’s up to the organizer to decide. Only Pro members can showcase paid events. It’s important to note that Flickr doesn’t handle transactions for these events.

– All events will be tied to a Flickr Group, whether existing or new. You can add any other links you have for your event within the Group.

Visit the forum to learn more and keep the feedback coming! Looking forward to many more meetups and photo walks to come!