Flickr Feature: Lou Noble, Portrait Photographer

From Lou:

“As a photographer I attempt to take naturalistic photos that capture something unique or noteworthy, and communicate that through a photograph”

Scan 4.jpg

Julya, Los Angeles CA 2019

“Part of working with a model that’s used to being photographed all the time, is drawing out something new. It starts with connecting with my subject. And as we talk and connect, I might see something that they don’t typically show the world, or even see themselves. To me, that’s what I want to grab, that’s what’s real.”


“Early on in my photography, there was one place that really nurtured my passion for this craft, and that was Flickr. It was a place you and a community could share your photos, and how you felt about them”

Scan 17.jpg

“I’ll always love Flickr. Some art isn’t meant to be viewed solely on a phone. I want them to be viewed how I intended. Big, detailed. I want people to be able to savor the image. That’s what Flickr is to me.”

Follow Lou on Flickr and watch the whole shoot here.

Model: Julya Antoinette