10 Flickr Groups you must join right now

During a time where we’re doing our best to keep each other safe and healthy, social distancing and mandated shelter-in-place or self-quarantining can invoke feelings of isolation. There have been so many stories coming out lately around what you can do to keep yourself active, engaged, and feeling like you’re part of a community and at Flickr, there’s no exception.

El desayuno en los tiempos del coronavirus

We’ve combed through Flickr and pulled out 10 awesome Flickr Groups that we think you should join right now. Below is a link to each group and our thoughts as to why. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Macro Mondays: A favorite among macro photography enthusiasts and one of the most engaging groups on Flickr. Macro Mondays boasts an impressive number of Explored photos each week and has a dedicated thread where members can ask all sorts of general questions. Make sure you read the rules before posting!

Crazy Tuesday: A moderated and theme-based group with a short submission timeframe—Tuesdays from 12 am to 12 pm GMT. The admins also run a parallel “Best Photo” contest where voting is a requirement for all participants.

Flickr Friday: Another Flickr classic! A weekly photography project that will challenge your creativity. Look for a new theme announcement every Friday. Each week we feature our favorite submissions from the previous theme in a Flickr gallery and our social media channels.

Our Daily Challenge: If you are a serial photographer, someone who spends hours every day shooting innumerable pictures, then you should join this group where the admins announce a different challenge every day of the week. The last few themes have been a bit more indoorsy than usual, given the circumstances.

Creative Tabletop Photography: If you’re feeling like trying something different, this is a great place to spark your creativity. No matter what you’re photographing, whether it’s food, a toy or a vase of flowers, get as close as you can. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t need to be an artist to create something totally cool and original.

We’re Here: Doing a 365 photo project and looking for everyday inspiration along the way? In this group, members take turns picking a Flickr Group that sets the theme for their 365 shots that day. Doing one day does not commit you to another, so you can just join in and try.

The Portrait Group: A group to share, learn and discuss anything and everything about portraiture, including self-portraits. Members are welcome to start discussion threads asking for feedback and critique of their work. Don’t miss this open discussion about best practices to survive the pandemic (from a photography perspective).

flickr Scrabble

Catchy Colors: A group dedicated to bright, quality color-saturated images. The photo pool is a visual treat for the eyes and, as the description reads, “a free zone of creativity” where everyone is welcome to dialogue and ask questions.

The Icebox: A game based around honest photo critique, but also a community of friends discussing photography and many other topics. Though the feedback in this group can be quite harsh sometimes, it’s also a growth opportunity that’s worth embracing. The Icebox is an invite-only group, so your request to join must be approved by the group administrator.

Less is More: A highly-curated group dedicated to the finest minimalist photographs. They run occasional contests for their members to join.


And, as a special bonus, we’re giving a shout-out to two more groups:

Flickrology: A group for discussing anything relating to Flickr or photography in general. They organize open (no theme) photo contests every month, in which participants get to vote for their favorites and choose the winners. Check out this thread where members are discussing the COVID-19 situation and how it affects their photography.

Flickr-at-Home: A brand new group to show off your creativity while you shelter-in-place. Photos or videos are welcomed and can range from how you’re feeling to your interpretation of the ways to stay safe and healthy.

Stay safe and healthy out there! And, let us know if there are other groups that you think we should mention. Have fun and stay connected!