Your group admin experience just got a whole lot better.

Flickr Groups Admin Page

You should find your ability to curate your Flickr groups a lot easier starting today. We’ve begun rolling out a number of tools that should make the whole process more intuitive. New group admins who previously found the process of group creation confusing or frustrating will be happy to find that action more streamlined to get your group up and running faster.

First, we’ve simplified the group creation flow so that you only need to select a few options to get a group started.

We’ve added a few links on the group Overview page so you can jump in and edit the most important pieces of your group — like the Description, Rules, and Moderation policies — right from the main page. We’ll also soon roll out a simplified group Administration page so your information overview is more concise.

We’ve updated the Admin Pending Queue for those folks who want to review all the submissions for their group before they are added to the Group Pool. We’ve kept the bulk approve and bulk deny features, but we’ve increased the batch size from 25 to 100. We’ve also made it so when you approve or deny an individual photo, it is removed from the list immediately.

Additionally, we’ve added a filter so you can sort the queue by newest or oldest photos submitted. Finally, we’ve added the ability to block or ban a group member from the Pending Queue, so you can keep dump-and-run photographers who don’t read the rules from perpetually making your admin work more difficult.

The updates to the Admin Pending Queue work nicely on mobile web too, so you can take care of moderating your group while on the go.

We hope these changes help you better manage your groups and save you time in the process.

Jordan Sendar
Flickr Engineering