Make the most of your Flickr Galleries

Flickr Galleries

Flickr Galleries help you curate your favorite public photos and videos from other Flickr members into a virtual showcase. Unlike Faves, Galleries can be organized around a theme, an idea, a visual style, and pretty much any other way you can think of.

Looking for photo inspiration for your next trip after quarantine is over? Create a gallery like this one, inspired by the USA West Coast! See an exciting topic you like? Try something fun, like this street photography gallery. In need for more inspiration? Explore this page of galleries curated by Flickr staff.

Introduced for the first time in 2009 and redesigned for better UX in 2018, Flickr Galleries are a great way to engage with other members of the Flickr community and to show them you appreciate their work. They are also an excellent way for photographers to stand out as talented curators and get some additional exposure. So here are a few tips to help you make the most out of this beloved Flickr feature:

Flickr Galleries

Choose a theme and title for your gallery.

Look for a cohesive theme to make your gallery feel more like a visual story and less like a random collection of photos you like. Common themes include inspiring images around a particular topic or event (birds, architecture, supermoon shots), bucket list locations, highlights from a Flickr Group challenge, best of Explore, etc.

Give context.

When you add a new image to a gallery, the photo owner gets notified, which might lead to some new connections and comments. Whenever you create a new gallery, make sure to add a description to it. Gallery names and descriptions help your followers understand what your gallery is all about.

Personalize the look and feel.

Update your cover photo at any time by selecting an image from the gallery. You can order the photos in whatever way you like and as often as you wish. You have the ability to add up to a maximum of 500 public photos, as long as the photo owner has selected the setting that allows their work to be added to galleries.


Share your curated selections with your nearest and dearest. You can share galleries outside of Flickr with our intuitive sharing options that will improve the presentation of your galleries on other social networks.

If you’re ready to get started but want to learn more, check out this Galleries Overview article in our Help Center and learn how to create, add, and delete a gallery on Flickr. We’re also looking to promote interesting galleries curated by Flickr members in our next Flickr Newsletter! If you have a gallery you’re particularly proud of please add the link to this discussion thread in our Flickr at Home group.