Flickr Feature: Sapna Reddy

The peace and tranquility of the forests are just a few of the qualities that draw dual-careered photographer, Sapna Reddy. As a radiologist, she studies images in an attempt to establish a diagnosis and cure the human body. As a photographer, she aspires to generate images that celebrate the beauty of nature and help to heal the mind.

We had the pleasure of joining Sapna on an adventure through the giant redwoods of northern California as she created stunning visual landscape art using her instinct, her eye, and her talent. We asked her to share her three favorite photos that she’s taken and what her inspirations and thoughts are behind each photo.

Sapna:Over the past several years I have been returning to the Redwood forests in an attempt to capture the magical and majestic nature of this landscape. It is a humbling experience walking amongst these giants that have existed for hundreds of years before me and will continue to do so after me. It makes me realize how fleeting our own existence is and yet at the same time how profound it can be on exerting an impact on this forest.”

Divine rays ( Published,, Popular Photography, Landscape photography Magazine, and Outdoor Photographer magazine)

Sapna:This first image was taken on one of my earlier trips to the Del Norte Coastal Redwoods. As I entered the forest in the predawn hours there was a pervading sense of soft stillness. A blanket of fog created an ethereal atmosphere like walking through a dream. At sunrise, as I made my way through the forest toward the beach, the fog got so thick that I could barely see the trees a few feet away. Realizing that the opportunity to shoot a coastal sunrise was slim I decided to return to the forest and wait for the sun to break through the fog. Just as the sunbeams pierced through the fog I came across these trees.  In that moment I felt like I had a deep spiritual connection to a superior being. I got down on my knees and accentuated the height of the trees and took this shot. The personal experience and the way the visual elements came together in that moment makes this one of my favorite images.

The Beckoning

Sapna: This second image is from my favorite hike in the Redwood forest, the Damnation Creek trail. It is called this I am told because of the strenuous nature of the hike and the slippery muddy slopes. However, for me that seems a complete misnomer. The views along the hike are simply spectacular and more than compensate for the physical labor needed to enjoy them. Considering how many nature photographers and hikers have experienced their moments of bliss along this trail perhaps it is  better named Salvation trail.


Sapna: The third image is a grove of Redwoods. As a species, we tend to be so respectful of our places of worship. However, we tend to forget that long before these places of worship were built there have existed natural cathedrals where the pillars rose from the depths of the soil and reached towards the stars. These are the places that must be respected. These are the pillars of the Earth that must be protected. I call this image ‘Cathedral’ because for me there is no better place to connect with one’s spirituality than in the heart of nature.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Sapna! We like to ask all of our guests in these Flickr Features, “What words of wisdom would you share with any new or budding photographer?”

Sapna: In my personal experience, time spent in nature has a therapeutic effect on both the mind and the body. Being mindful of light and surroundings and being able to connect with nature at a deep emotional level has a profound impact on the quality of art generated. I urge those embarking on this journey to slow down and enjoy the process of acquisition of the image. In doing so the image will have more personal meaning and the aesthetic qualities capable of establishing an emotional connection with the viewer.”

We hope you enjoyed our time with Sapna Reddy. You can watch Sapna’s creative process in this Flickr Feature video.

Flickr Feature: Sapna Reddy

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