10 Photographers Sharing Cities Under Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached most cities across the globe and over the past few weeks, we’ve seen more and more Flickr members sharing photos of the pandemic’s effects on their lives. For some, these are images of shuttered storefronts and empty streets, while others are capturing events that couldn’t go uncelebrated and gratitude for essential workers. Here are ten Flickr members documenting the quarantined world around them.

Erik McGregor is a New York City based photojournalist. One of his recent Flickr albums captures the #NamingTheLost Memorial in the New York City boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, paying homage to community members lost to COVID-19.


Quarantine Window Portraits” is a series conducted by Adam Kyle Green of Green Sky Creative, a full service video, film, and photography studio based in Detroit, Michigan. Adam wanted to capture moments that honor the spirit of the lockdown while also providing a way to safely create human connection in his neighborhood during the pandemic.

Pat + Pipe

Empty plazas, masked essential workers, and public health notices share the story of Florence, Italy on pause, as photographed by Antonello Serino.


In this album, Anthony Maw shares messages of hope and gratitude that now decorate the storefronts of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver COVID-19 Art

Also documenting the city of Vancouver, this album of photos by Clayton Perry captures tributes to healthcare workers, notes of thanks written to essential workers, and boarded windows that now showcase words of encouragement.


In her album titled “Empty,” Lucie Ongena captures the empty streets and offices of Brussels, Belgium, just as the city entered quarantine.

Empty #6

Valentina Ceccatelli shares photos of shopkeepers and patrons of Italy returning to some of their usual routines as businesses gradually reopen, while still social distancing, of course.


Renatta Maria is a photojournalist capturing the impact of COVID-19 as seen from the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


City life for many has ground to a halt, as seen in these photos of the empty streets and monuments of Washington D.C, taken by dmbosstone.

COVID-19 in Washington DC

The quarantine has put many social events and milestones on hold, but in some cases, people are still finding a way to celebrate responsibly. This album by Sandra Gregson captures an automobile parade organized to honor a class of graduating high school seniors.


If you’d like to connect with others sharing their experiences through the pandemic or want to share photos of your own, visit our COVID-19 Resources group or check out one of the many other groups created by the Flickr community. We’re also regularly updating this list of grants, funds, and other resources available to those impacted by coronavirus. Stay well.