Join the glass macro challenge with the “Macro Mondays” group.

It’s time for another fun collaboration with one of the most engaging and well-established groups on Flickr: Macro Mondays.

crystal glass abstraction

The theme for Monday August 24th is: “Glass”

Starting now, take a macro photo of glass, and add it to the Macro Mondays group’s photo pool on Monday, August 24th, UTC/GMT. If you do not have a macro lens, a closeup image is acceptable. Be sure to tag your image with “Macro Mondays” and “Glass,” and read the full group rules for more details. Only new photos (taken after the weekly theme announcement) are allowed in the group.

Glass is an excellent subject material for the macro photographer. Glass interacts with lighting, producing all sorts of interesting effects. Whether you start with clear, colorful, or broken glass, the resulting image will be full of beautiful shapes and colors.

A few additional tips from the Group Admins on creating beautiful macro photos with the use of crystal glass:

  • Lighting is key. Try experimenting with it.
  • For more artistic or abstract results, use glass with ridges or other markings on it.
  • If you want to get more creative, try placing something interesting behind or in the glass, like colorful liquid, decorative paper, etc.

And that’s all to it! Once the theme “glass” closes for submissions and a new theme is announced, we will publish a gallery with all of the week’s submissions on the official Flickr account and share some of our favorites on social media.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!