Flickr’s Top 30 Groups of 2020

Groups are the connective force of our community, bringing members with common interests together. Groups serve as a place to seek inspiration, to ask questions, and to have fun and partake in photo challenges with people from around the world.

This year, we crunched the numbers to determine which groups were most popular among Flickr members. We looked at the results based on group membership, photo submissions to the group, and group discussions and replies. From the results, we curated this final list of 30 groups to ensure as broad a range of topics as possible. They’re presented here in no particular order, so find a group that interests you and drop by to say hello!

We hope that you’re already familiar with a few of the groups on this list, but we also hope this helps you discover a new group that you’d like to learn more about. Or perhaps it will inspire you to start a group of your own.

As always, thank you to the group administrators, moderators, and members who foster great discussions and make inspiring photo selections for their communities.


Groups for getting feedback

Inviting Forest

These groups are great for getting feedback on your photography. Be sure to read the rules before sharing your work and remember to pay it forward by sharing feedback with others.

Photography Critique
The Icebox
In Explore (Note: This group is a stellar collection of many of the photographs that have been featured in Explore and it’s a great place to ask Flickr members questions about Explore!)

Photography style-themed groups

Hang loose

Every photographer has a style that’s uniquely their own but these groups are dedicated to the styles that bring us together. Join the groups that resonate with your own personal style or visit a group if you’re curious about exploring new creative paths.

Hardcore Street Photography
Macro Mondays
Black and White
Catchy Colors
Less is More
Kreative People: Manipulated Photo Art
Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (Note: This group is great for artists who enjoy creating drawn and painted portraits.)

Subject-based groups


Each of these groups focuses on a different subject. If you take photos that align with these themes, check them out –– get inspired by the photo pool and get to know the other Flickr members that share your interests.

Travel Photography
All Locomotives, Trains and Trams
Flickr Nature
Bird Photos
Flower Flower Flower
The Fog and the Rain
Creative Tabletop Photography
Beautiful Capture
Second Life Official

Fun and creative challenges

garden in light

Join these groups if you’re looking for prompts and challenges to inspire your photography!

Flickr Friday
Crazy Tuesday
Guess Where UK? (Note: A fun group for spotting U.K. landmarks and destinations.)
Our Daily Challenge
Friendly Challenges
The Challenge Factory
Beginner Digital Photography Challenge

Equipment-themed groups

Flow (Explored)

There are plenty of groups dedicated to the specific camera brands, models, and tools that Flickr members use. Visit these groups if you have equipment related questions or if you’re perfecting your shots with these devices.

Nikon Digital
Canon Photography

Cheers to all of the Flickr members that make these groups a great place for sharing great photos, connecting with other Flickr members, and finding inspiring work! Again, this is a small selection of groups that were active in 2020 and you can always find more great groups by searching based on your own interests. You can also let us know about the great discussions and sharing happening in your group here.