Flickr’s Top Photos of the Decade

The end of a decade is upon us, and that gives us the perfect opportunity to look back and celebrate the best of the past ten years in this fantastic community.

Today, we’re featuring some of the top photos shared by our members between 2010 and 2020. Of the many photographs uploaded to Flickr in the last decade, we’ve curated a selection of just 20 for your viewing pleasure. Join us in revisiting these images that are clearly community favorites. To compile this list, we reviewed photos based on their fave, view, and comment activity. The results were normalized to account for the number of years these images have been on Flickr. We then reviewed the list and made sure a range of themes were represented. The year indicated in this post reflects when the photo was shared on Flickr, not necessarily when the photo was taken.

The top 20 photos of the decade includes imaginative self-portraits by Rosie Hardy, dreamy childhood scenes by Iwona Podlasinska and Elena Shumilova, the incredible mesmerizing landscapes of Sapna Reddy and Giacomo della Sera, an Australian Shepherd named Hermione, and many more!



My favorite dessert
in the twilight zone


Bluebells, Micheldever Woods
Tulip Staircase London


summer tales
Be Still

Cry me a river.


SZM Magic
Feeding a stinky pelican


Sunset on Crater Lake


The Imaginarium
Cuando amanece la pasión


Epiphany (Explored)


Blue and Gold
Wintertime Happiness


Kissing paws
Sakrisøy Dreams

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