2020: A Year in Photographs

Every year, we share a collection of photographs that are community favorites –– each fostering conversation, faves, group interactions, and more. But there’s another story to be told this year and that’s the story of how you, the Flickr community, documented, shared, and opened up about the year that we’ve had. As 2020 comes to an end, we know that we’ll be looking back on these photos for many years to come and continue discussing the stories that they captured.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it. You’ve photographed and shared how the world around you has changed as the pandemic has unfolded.

5:00 am, saturday
Rio de Janeiro - covid-19 - Santa Teresa Old Rio

Your photos share the stories of the heroes that we lost but that we’ll surely never forget.

John Lewis, lying in state
Connecting For a Cause-Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

…And of heroes that are working tirelessly to save lives and protect public health.

LAC+USC Medical Center - Coronavirus
This Pandemic is Not Over
Fight Against COVID-19 @ Jangamakote Village

…And of those who work to make sure we have the essentials during these difficult times.

Hartford, CT - 8/31/20 - #365
Brisbane RAW 2931.jpg

You adapted how you practice photography with socially distanced portraits, some of which still managed to capture hope, comfort, and smiles.

319 - Corrie

…And there were a lot more shots taken at home.

Larry, 2020
I stay home

You changed how you work, teach, practice hobbies, and care for loved ones.

Sunset Drive-In
Logging into Zoom during a Wildfire. 2020

You documented a U.S. presidential election that was unprecedented in many ways.

Biden Harris Election 2020 Celebration in Times Square

…And continued the important work of documenting elections, political proceedings, and more worldwide.


Despite the global pandemic, there were still moments of magic and whimsy.

Knitting Bubbles

Moments of joy.

Ritography Weddings
When the lockdown was relaxed conditionally..

Families grew…

Baby Images

And to some we said goodbye.

'A Field of Small Flags' -- Washington (DC) Memorial to the U.S. Victims of COVID-19 October 2020
Arts by the sea festival 2020

There were still celebrations to capture.

Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade 2020 臺灣同志遊行
Deepavali Festival

And ceremonies to share with the world.

IOC President, Thomas Bach attends the lighting of the flame ceremony held in Ancient Olympia, Greece. Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

And virtual communities to find comfort and connection in.

Second Life Destination Guide is being Uplifted to the Cloud!

But there were also much needed moments of reflection, outcry, and protest.

Solidarity March
Polish Institute Demonstration
end SARS

You reminded us to say the names of people lost to senseless violence.

Say Their Names Cemetery

And to actively fight and stand for the fact that Black Lives Matter.


You captured the beauty of nature.

Allen's Many Colors
Red Flowers and Green Hills
Landscape Bangladesh

And the wonder of the cosmos.


While we tried to limit where we went and who we came in contact with, your photos took us on a visual journey of every continent.

The Sun's glint beaming off the Gulf of California

…And made us imagine that we were rocketing into space.

The SpaceX Crew Dragon approaches the space station

We’d like to leave you with a few more of the images you shared, that captured light, and hope, and more of what we hope tomorrow brings.

Primăvara în timpul pandemiei
jetée de poudre colorée_7021
Earth Day sunset April 2020
dec7 2020 1


Some thought that 2020 was the year that was “lost” but what you captured and shared is what was found. We found that as a community of communities, photography was and will be the center of every narrative and every event in our lives–big and small. Thank you for the views from your lenses and because of you, others will be able to see what was found as well.