The winners of Your Worst Shot 2020

This year, in addition to Your Best Shot 2020, we put out a call for you to share the not-so-perfect photos that you captured. In response to this prompt, people submitted blurry photos, hilarious family and pet portraits, ill-timed colorful smoke bombs, and more. We also learned that “Your Worst Shot” means something different to everyone and it does go to show that in the pursuit of taking photos that we’re proud of, our photo “fails” are worthy of recognition, too. Thank you to everyone that decided to share personal moments, photo fails, and other self-proclaimed “worst” shots.

A group of Flickr staff members worked together to pick a selection of three photographs that we thought creatively met this challenge. Here they are!


About this photo: “This photo is of my seven pound eight year old Toy Poodle / American Hairless Terrier Mix, named Uni. Uni is an expert diver, but on this dive he slipped. I captured his facial expression as he proceeds into a dramatic butt flop. Uni was not injured in this dive. He shook it right off and was diving like a dolphin minutes later.”

The photographer: Steve Brooks is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and has been teaching dogs a solid foundation of real life manners for more than 30 years. Steve Brooks was born in Hollywood, California and lives with his wife, Yasmine, and their dog Uni in the Cathedral City-Palm Springs area. You can find out more about Steve and his (virtual) training sessions on his website.

The Most Annoying Photobomb

About this photo: “This photo was taken from a friend’s wedding during the pandemic. I was so ready to capture that important moment for the couple but I guess one of the guests had the exact same thing in mind. With this photo I can now show my future clients how important it is to have unplugged weddings to avoid unpleasant photobombs.”

The photographer: Mirco Razon is a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. He draws inspiration from the serenity of lush greenery, the majestic mountains found in the Canadian Rockies, the facets of beauty in the diversity of people he meet, and the intricate workmanship of collectible toys that he owns.

Old Man #2

About this photo: “This photo was taken at my kitchen window, photographed through a toilet paper roll with a Canon macro 28mm. The model is my cat Winnie, who was waiting outside on the windowsill for me to let him in, because he was hungry and it was cold. He was impatient with me and didn’t stay still. This shot is the “most” representative of a series of failed photos.”

About the photographer: Stefan lives in Germany and has been practicing photography for many years. He describes his style as “grunge” and his Flickr photostream showcases photos in a series of three.

Congratulations to these winners, who will each receive a PicsArt Gold subscription and thank you again to everyone that participated. We hope that these photos inspire you to continue sharing all of the steps in your creative process.