Introducing the Flickr Widget for iPhone and Android

Flickr recently introduced a way for you to enjoy photos from Explore directly on your phone’s home screen – the Flickr mobile widget. Supported for both the Flickr app for iOS and Android here’s how you can enjoy the best of Flickr Explore throughout the day right from your home screen.

What are widgets?

Widgets are a way to quickly access current information from your favorite apps—in the case of the Flickr widget, photos from Explore.

Widgets usually come with an app; when you download the latest version of the Flickr app for iOS or Android, version 4.16 or above, you can install the widget. Clicking on the Flickr widget will immediately open the Flickr app.

Follow along with the steps outlined in our latest episode of Flickr FAQs to get the Flickr widget on your home screen:

Here are some additional resources to help you install and understand how to use the Flickr widget:

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