Get Your Instant Cameras Ready for ‘Roid Week 2021 October Edition

Fall is here and that means it’s time for another edition of Polaroid Week!

Loss of Light

What is ‘Roid Week?

Polaroid week is a celebration dedicated to instant film (whether it’s Polaroid or any other instant film brands) that started in 2006, with the goal of sharing new and interesting photos never posted to Flickr before. ‘Roid Week is a community-run initiative that continues to grow and thrive and that runs twice a year, in October and April.

The next edition will take place from October 24 to October 29, 2021, and participants will gather around and submit their creations to the ‘RoidWeek 2021 Flickr group.

What are the rules to participate?

Participants can only share photos they haven’t posted on Flickr before with a limit of two photos per day. The group pool will be open for six days, Sunday to Friday, and comments and discussions are welcome and encouraged. After all, the end goal is to keep the sense of community going!

Where to start?

Join the ‘RoidWeek 2021 group, introduce yourself, and start capturing away. The group’s pool will be closed until the week of October 24-29 but conversations are already taking place. We’ll collect the group’s daily favorites into a gallery and share them with the Flickr community.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Polaroid Week and are interested in seeing what has happened in previous editions, check out these interviews with some members of the ‘RoidWeek community for more information:

We also encourage you to watch this SmugMug Live interview with Laura Alice Watt, one of the admins of the ‘RoidWeek group on Flickr, where she talks about the current work that is being shared during Polaroid Week and her love of instant film: