Celebrating the Flickr, SmugMug, and Black Women Photographers Grant Finalists and Recipient

We are delighted to announce the recipient and finalists of the grant facilitated between Flickr, SmugMug, and Black Women Photographers. The goal of this grant is to help one photographer that is part of both Black Women Photographers and Flickr further their photography practice. As part of their grant application, participants were asked to share a photo that aligns with the theme, “The Intimacy of: Change.” This theme was created by Wild Gina, an inspiring photographer and member of the grant panel. All of the photos submitted shared intimate looks into the relationships, lives, and worlds around these photographers. Please join us in celebrating these photographers and the Black Women Photographers community.

Grant Recipient:

“Two become one” by Naomi St Juste

Congratulations to Naomi St Juste – the recipient of this grant! Naomi is a photographer, wife, and mother of two little ones based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her first camera was a Sony A5000 but her earliest memories of photography are of taking disposable cameras on school trips and to other special events. Naomi enjoys creating scenes and using colors that remind her of a “time past when things were more simple and sophisticated.” She also enjoys using colors and tones that give her photography a cinematic feel.

When asked about the photo that she submitted with her grant application, “Two become one”, Naomi explained that she “loves the composition of the photo. Everything is placed dramatically and the colours used give it a vintage photograph feel. I felt this displayed the intimacy of change because a wedding signifies a big change in life. The title “Two become one” is very fitting.”

Two become one  - Intimacy of Change


“Intimacy of Change” by RenaOPhoto

Intimacy of Change by Rena O.

“Change” by Disa Chantel


“Covid Compliance” by Measu Bellay

Covid Compliance

“Self Juxtaposed” by Julia Holcomb

Self, Juxtaposed

“Generations” by Grace P


“A Cold Summer” by Gabrielle Duffie

a cold summer

“A Mother’s Love” by Alexxus Cohill

“The Intimacy of Change”

“A Virtual Baby Shower” by Iko-Ojo Mercy Haruna

A Virtual Baby Shower

“The Intimacy of: Change” by Gesilayefa Azorbo

The Intimacy Of: Change

“Grandpa’s Hands” by Genesis

Grandpa's Hands

On December 20th, Polly Irungu, the founder of Black Women Photographers, and Wild Gina, joined us for a very special episode of SmugMug Live to celebrate everyone’s entries to the grant. Please take a moment to appreciate their work. If you’re interested in joining the Black Women Photographers community, we invite you to learn more and request to join the group on Flickr.