Flickr Release Notes, January 2022

Hello, Flickr members! Welcome to the first release notes reflecting the Flickr team’s work in 2022. Here’s what we launched in January.

wocintech (microsoft) - 148

Photo attribution: “wocintech (microsoft) – 148” by WOCinTech Chat is licensed under CC by 2.0.

What’s changed

    • Feeling generous? You can now gift a Flickr Pro subscription in smaller increments than one year, including one week and one month.
    • PicsArt is now offering a one-month trial of their creative platform to all Flickr Pros! Read more details or head to your Pro Perks by visiting your account settings.
    • If you receive new notifications while checking your notifications from the bell icon, you’ll have an option to “show newer items.”
    • When you click on a plural faves notification or on the faves text on a photo page, you’ll now be presented with a faves pop-up that lists everyone that has faved the photo, listed by the most recent fave activity. Happy faveing!

Introducing the faves pop-up

Behind the scenes