Flickr Release Notes, May 2022

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Greetings, Flickr members! Here’s what the Flickr team worked on and shipped out in May 2022.

What’s new

  • We updated the design of the Privacy & Permissions page. A brand new look for your settings page where you can manage your global settings, content filters, and defaults for new uploads. 
  • We’ve improved the process of gifting a Flickr PRO subscription! The main improvement on the gift giver’s side is that they can now give gifts to members with active subscriptions or gifts. The other improvements are for the gift recipient and the process works as follows:

1. When a gift is given, the recipient will receive an email notifying them that they’ve received a gift.

2. They’ll also see a pop up wen they log in to their Flickr account, notifying them of the gift.

3. If they activate the gift, the Flickr Pro subscription will be added to their account. If they decline it, it’ll be removed from their account and they will no longer be able to view it. They’ll also have the option to activate or decline it later in their Account Settings.

Note: The gift giver will not receive any notification about the status of the gift.

4. The gifts will show up in Account Settings in the order they were purchased. Regardless to the gift type (week, month or annual), the recipient has a year to activate or decline it before it expires.

5. Once a gift is activated or given, it will show up in the Gift History section of a member’s Account Settings page.

(In the image above, the top section is what recipients will see, the bottom section is what givers will see. Recipients will never see how much their gift cost, givers will never see the status of a gift.)

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that was causing Bad Pandas when some members visited their Camera Roll
  • Some group bug fixes have gone out including:
    • Member lists are now paginated for infinite load-ability.
    • Admin, mod, and member counts now reflect more accurately.
    • Some fixes were made to improve the appearance and workability of menus on the groups page.
  • Some fixes were made to the formatting and style of group discussion replies, edits, and previews:
    • Block-quotes now render properly in discussion replies!

    • Discussion reply previews will now appear identical to what will actually be saved.
    • Removed extra tabs being added to a reply upon edit.
    • We fixed an issue where saving an edit to a discussion topic caused infinite loading.

And more