Flickr Release Notes, September 2022

The Street Food Market. *FLOOR TWO*

Hey, Flickr members! Here’s some of what the Flickr team worked on in September 2022.

What’s New

In September we introduced a new kind of content category for the bulk uploading, group adminning, and search filtering needs of one of Flickr’s most active communities: Virtual photography! Read more about virtual photography on Flickr here.

Check out the winning photo in the “virtual photography” category of this year’s World Photography Day contest! Check out the winners of the other categories here.

Look, I,  I'm not just what you see- Linden Labs, Second Life avatar photo.  2022  Flickr World Photography Day contest winner - virtual photography category

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, when a user who’s privacy settings were set to hide their real name, shared a photo via email, their real name would still appear on email notification. This bug is now fixed.

Coming Soon

  • Adding license history to the photo page!

We’ll see you with more updates next month!